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A guide to adding, assigning and completing actions in Safety Cloud

4 articles

Overview Of Safety Cloud

A Short Introduction to Safety Cloud

5 articles

Parent Access

Help guides on how to add and access certain information from parent view

9 articles

Safe Operating Procedures

Guides on uploading and reviewing safe operating procedures

2 articles

Staff Member and Password Help

Help with the Staff Member Details

6 articles

New Features

Keep up to date with what's new on Safety Cloud

4 articles

My Dashboard

Help to find your way round the User Dashboard

4 articles

Accidents and Ill Health Module

Help with Logging Accidents and Illness

4 articles

Risk Assessments

Guides on how to create, update and review risk assessments

8 articles

Work Equipment Check Module

Help With loading your Work Equipment

7 articles

Health Surveillance Questionnaires

How to complete and review health surveillance questionnaires

2 articles


Help with Logging Staff Training

7 articles


Help adding COSHH to Safety Cloud

2 articles

Policies & Awards

How to upload and view your companies policies and awards

2 articles

Staff Safety Observations

How to log and review staff safety observations

2 articles

Subcontractors & Permits to Work

How to use the subcontractor module and the permits to work module

4 articles

Help Point Guidance

3 articles

Alleged Food Complaint

Completing an alleged food complaint form

5 articles

Audit Reports Module

Help Creating and Viewing Audits

5 articles

Meetings and Safety Bulletins & Alerts Module

Help with logging meeting notes on Safety Cloud and using safety bulletins and alerts

2 articles

Enforcement Officer Module

Help to create a visit from an Enforcement Officer.

1 article


Help with Downloading Forms

1 article

Handbook and Handbook Knowledge Quiz

Viewing your company handbook, taking the handbook knowledge quiz and the results

3 articles

Safety Cloud App

Guide to the installation and operation of the companion Safety Cloud App

3 articles

Transport Module

Help keeping track of your Vehicles

7 articles

Running Reports

What kinds of reports you can run and how you can do so

7 articles