Reviewing Risk Assesments

Reviewing a risk assessment has the same functionality across Safety Cloud. To review a risk assessment, you will need to find the relevant risk assessment you wish to update via the risk assessment module on the site dashboard. You will need to click mark as reviewed next to risk assessment. 

Click OK to the screen prompt and this will open up the risk assessment. 

You will then need to scroll down to the section titled  risk assessment completed information, as highlighted in the image below. 

You will need to fill in who is reviewing the risk assessment, the date you are reviewing on, the next review date and then upload a new risk assessment. 

If the file is not changing, make sure you have ticked the box  keep existing file moving forwards? This will keep the previous file attached to the risk assessment moving forward. 

If you wish to upload a new file you will need to attach the file via the browse button. 

Make sure you click save information. 

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