Adding Actions to Risk Assessments

You have the ability to add actions to a risk assessment. 

To do this you will need to find the relevant risk assessment via the risk assessment module on the site dashboard. Once you have found the risk assessment you will need to click  actions next to it, as highlighted in the image below. This will open up the actions screen for you. 

To add actions click the  add actions button as highlighted in the image below. 

Click OK to the prompt that is generated and a blank action will show on the screen, as shown in the image below. 

To fill in the details of the action you have created you will need to click  edit/complete. 

This will generate the action box where you can fill in the relevant details. 

Fill in the action required field, set a target date and you can also assign the action to a member of staff and then scroll down to save information.  

When the action is completed you can go back into the action via the edit/complete button and fill in the rest of the action box. 

Fill in who completed the action, the action thats been taken, the date it was completed and it necessary attach a file using the browse button. 

Make sure you click to save information

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