Reviewing DSE Assessments

If a staff member completes a DSE assessment and answer no to any of the question, actions will be created against it and show up on the site dashboard. 

To access these you will need to click on the risk assessment module on the staff dashboard and then into your display screen equipment assessments as highlighted in the image below.  

Any staff members who have answered no to any questions will automatically come up in a list as shown below. 

To view these actions, click on actions as highlighted in the image below. 

This will open up the risk factors they have answered no to and what the staff members has written as the required action. 

To view the whole of the assessment click on the link 'click here to view the completed assessment'. 

If the action requires more attention or further investigation you can 'add another action to their question' by clicking the link highlighted in the image above. 

To complete the actions you will need to click edit/complete next to the action. You will then need to fill in the screen below- who has completed the action, action thats been taken, the date and if necessary- upload a supporting document as proof. Make sure you click save to complete the action. 


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